Broward County
Crime Commission

"Evil Triumphs When Good People Stand Idly By"

Child Predator Awareness:

The Broward County Crime Commission is a strong advocate in the prevention and awareness of Child Sexual Predators and/or Children Kidnapping.  Its ongoing mission is to rally funding from large corporations to eventually put a technological and manpower infrastructure in place to recover missing children. Moreover, making the public aware of all the nuances associated how predators think and operate can serve as an invaluable resource to parents and guardians.

Frequently visit the following website for information regarding sexual predators in Florida:  

Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators:

In the broad sense of the word, sexual predators are people who commit sexual crimes. The term "predator," however, usually indicates a repeat offender who enjoys the feeling of "hunting down" his prey. Many sexual predators attack only a particular type of victim, such as children of a certain age, sex or race. Sexual predators are usually friendly, self-assured individuals who target their victims carefully, rather than choosing at random.

Sexual predators often get attached to their victims. Attachment often results in cyber stalking or harassment, when the predator constantly contacts the victim to ask for sexual favors (which can be anything from posing naked on camera to meeting for sex), and threatening death or injury to the victim or her family if she doesn't comply. If the response is not acceptable, the criminal usually starts contacting friends, posting photos of the victim online and giving away her phone number, making phone calls and making direct threats.

In certain states such as Illinois, the term "sexual predator" is used to refer to people who have sex with minors, regardless of whether the sex is consentual (statutory rape) or violent. Endangering the welfare of a child through sexual acts or sexualized conduct, or kidnapping a child with the intention of raping or prostituting him are considered part of the behavioral pattern of a sexual predator.

People who habitually engage in Internet discussions of a sexual nature with minors are considered sexual predators. Aside from trying to lure children into offline meetings, predators are also on the lookout for photos or conversations of a sexual nature. They also use children to secure information they can use later for other attacks, such as the best way to get into a school's dormitory or whether a group of kids often plays outside without adult supervision.

Florida Sexual Offenders and Predators

1.    Internet Safety for Children:

Parent Guide to Internet Security:

Safety Tips for Kids:

FCC Children’s Internet Protection Act

Safety online repository of instructional how to video tutorials

Cell phone program allows parents to program cell phone for specific hours or access.

Offers free e-mail check for social networking and other sites

Offers internet safety games and additional resources for parents and children

Offers internet safety information, assistance and resources for parents and children

The Center for Missing and Exploited children, internet safety resources and workshops

2.    Parents Guide to Facebook and Myspace:

A Guide to Facebook Security

How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Facebook

Facebook Security

3.    Human Trafficking:

Office of Victims of Crime
Identifying Challenges to Improve Prosecution of Human Trafficking

Characteristics of Suspected Human Trafficking Incidents

Economics of Human Trafficking

4.     Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

Victim Grooming: Protect Your Child from Sexual Predators

Protecting Your Child from a Sexual Predator

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) 
CyberTipline is toll-free line to report information about sexual exploitation of children on the web or other child pornography
Mothers of Sexually Abused Children (MOSAC)
The National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC)
Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA)
DREAMCATCHERS for Abused Children
S.E.S.A.M.E. Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation
helping parents protect their kids from child molesters and pedophiles, and understand the growing problem of missing kids.

Family Safety & Security – Kids Got2bSafe

Over the past five years, Got 2B Safe! has reached over 72,000 schools, and more than 5 million children across the U.S. Teachers enter the contest by submitting lesson plans which highlight four core rules of safety: Check First; Go With a Friend; It’s My Body; Tell a Trusted Adult. Each year, 100 first prize winners receive gift certificate for school supplies and 5 grand-prize winners are awarded a complete classroom makeover worth $10,000. For more information on the program or how to enter the contest, please visit:

Protecting Your Child from a Sexual Predator article

By Tatiana Mahoney from Parents Magazine

5.     Bullying Resources

Positive Pocket

Unites and engages, and educates communities nationwide to address bullying

Bullying information, resources and prevention tips for the US Department of Health and Human Services