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"Evil Triumphs When Good People Stand Idly By"

Business Intelligence Policing/Predictive Policing:

One of the most state of art philosophies that the Crime Commission is most excited about is Business Intelligence Policing and Predictive Policing based upon compilation of key criteria and statistics of previously committed crimes.  The concept has been existent since the 1980’s and has become more prominent since the 9-11 attacks. Since that time, the philosophy has been referred to as Crime Science.


Crime is now the business of public as well as private agencies, formal as well as informal entities, all seeking to address multiple levels of security concerns.


Crime Science is a radical departure from old ways of thinking about the problem of crime in society. Traditional criminology has concentrated on what happens after crimes are committed; that is, how we respond to a criminal act and how we define "crime". Crime Science is a new approach intended to get upstream of crime and to proactively prevent it rather than merely respond to it. Crime Science examines those crimes which occur most frequently and then develops policy options which close them off. This approach can work to reduce both the inclination, and the opportunity to commit crime.


Crime Science takes the issue of crime one step further than traditional criminology. It seeks contributions from inter-related disciplines, including; psychology, geography, public health, law and urban planning. The inter-disciplinary nature of Crime Science allows the development of a coherent strategy to influence both product and building design, and to examine the social and psychological factors, which contribute to criminal activity. The result is an integrated approach to the problem of crime.


Crime science is the study of crime in order to find ways to prevent it. Three features distinguish crime science from criminology: it is single-minded about cutting crime, rather than studying it for its own sake; accordingly it focuses on crime rather than criminals; and it is multidisciplinary, notably recruiting scientific methodology rather than relying on social theory.


A proper Business Intelligence Policing Program can better predict crime before it happens where law enforcement can be better prepared to thwart it. The main premise is to focus on a future-oriented and targeted approach to crime control, focusing upon the identification, analysis and ‘management’ of persisting and developing ‘problems’ or ‘risks.’’


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