Broward County
Crime Commission

"Evil Triumphs When Good People Stand Idly By"


In its fiduciary role as a Crime Commission, through fact finding Probes, Studies, Public Reports and Community Hearings, the Broward County Crime Commission will refer information of potential criminality to the appropriate enforcement, regulatory and legislative bodies.  


The Broward County Crime Commission advises and informs legislative bodies about the   potential dangers of legislative processes that may cut Public Safety resources and budgets during times of economic distress. Through research dating back hundreds of years, the Crime Commission has verified that during difficult economic times, Public Safety budgets should actually be enhanced to handle the myriad of potential new crimes and criminals that evolve in the wake of a burdening economy.

When necessary, the Crime Commission will conduct Community Hearings with the principle of pondering legislative resolutions and reforms to better assist law enforcement. The Crime Commission will gauge public sentiment from the community about defined and potential criminal wrong-doing and then document its hearing agenda for the public record.

Thereafter, the Crime Commission will debrief, and make available its findings of the prescribed hearing, to the Governor and other Federal, State and Local Legislature bodies, for potential improvements in laws associated with public safety.  

Finally, the Crime Commission will recommend new laws and other legal remedies, to the appropriate legislative bodies, that can better help law enforcement, so that law enforcement can be allocated the optimum amount of resources, so that law enforcement can be best and fully equipped, to better protect the citizens of Broward County.

In conducting public and private hearings, compiling testimony and producing evidence through due diligence and research, since the Crime Commission does not have arresting or prosecutorial functions, it is prescribed to refer information suggesting possible criminal misconduct immediately to the appropriate regulatory and/or enforcement authority.

This includes but is not limited to the: FBI and other federal authorities, the Attorney General’s Office, State Police, the County Prosecutors' Office, and Local Police. The Broward County Crime Commission values the assistance and cooperation of federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies, and compliantly forwards its findings onto them.