Broward County
Crime Commission

"Evil Triumphs When Good People Stand Idly By"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


What is a Crime Commission?


Crime commissions can fit a variety of different descriptions. Some are independent bodies, privately funded by civic-minded corporate and business leaders. Others are affiliated with the government and perform a variety of functions. The main types of crime commissions (and most prominent) are citizens’ crime commissions.   Governmental crime commissions encompass survey commissions, state crime commissions, truth commissions, and presidential crime commissions.


A Crime Commission’s primary purpose is to study, report and make recommendations in all areas of public safety and protection. With an expressed interest in continually improving the Criminal Justice System, one of the main edicts of a Crime Commission is to preserve the integrity of the governmental process, so that law enforcement is best and fully equipped to better protect the citizenry and community.


Most of the time this includes:


1. Public Security;

2. Business Intelligence Policing;

3. Human Resource Initiatives;

4. Police Science & Technology;

5. Inter-Agency Cooperation;

6. Law Enforcement Finance & Economics


Two of the first and still active Crime Commissions that evolved in the country were founded in Chicago and New York.



What is the Broward County Crime Commission?

The Broward County Crime Commission is a 36 year old state chartered office, acting judiciously on behalf of law – abiding citizens in maintaining an unwavering vigilance against crime and corruption in the community. Founded in 1976 as an independent, fact – finding agency, the Crime Commission has distinguished itself as a laureate governing body, which works diligently to improve the Criminal Justice System, as well as strengthen and preserve the key components of Public Safety in Broward County.  


As an advocate to the Law Enforcement Community, and in its pursuit to reduce crime, the Broward County Crime Commission supports the major elements of the Criminal Justice System and works in conjunction with local, state and federal regulatory bodies, and law enforcement agencies, in its fiduciary role as a Crime Commission.



What does the Broward County Crime Commission do?


The Crime Commission’s primary activities address current issues at hand, as well as ongoing concerns of society, in order to protect the laws and public welfare of the populace. They include but are not limited to:


1.         Hurricane Contractor and Vendor Fraud

2.         Identity Theft Awareness and Prevention

3.         Child Predator Awareness

4.         Counter Terrorism Awareness

5.         Public Security

6.         Police Personnel Recruitment

7.         Criminal Justice Inter-Agency Think Tank Meetings

8.         The Broward County Crime Commission’s Best Practices Program

9.         Law Enforcement Economics and Finance

10.       Criminal Justice Research

11.        Criminal Justice Training and Continuing Education

12.       Criminal Justice Academic Education

13.       Criminal Justice Family Support Groups

14.       Anti-Gang Initiatives

15.       Child and Juvenile Advocacy Programs

16.       Anti-Narcotic Programs: Drug Abuse and Illicit Narcotics Trafficking

17.       The Broward County Crime Commission Public Safety Technology Incubator

18.       Criminal Justice Science and Technology


How is the Crime Commission funded?


As an independent body, the Broward County Crime Commission is not funded with tax payer dollars. The Crime Commission is funded by businesses, corporations, individuals, philanthropies, grants, events, and effective implementation of certain programs of the organization.


Are there other Crime Commissions in the United States?


Yes. Including the Broward County Crime Commission, there are approximately 21 Independent Crime Commissions across North America spanning from Austin, Texas to Wichita, Kansas. Chicago and New York are some of the earliest conceived entities.


On the governmental side, there are approximately 17 crime commissions across the country spanning from Anoka, Minnesota to Warren, Michigan.



Is the Broward County Crime Commission a Governmental Law Enforcement Agency?

No. The Broward County Crime Commission is an independent entity, comprised of leading  criminal justice officials, law enforcement administrators, private business owners, corporate executives, and community leaders whose express purpose is to assist the Criminal Justice system in its responsibility and endeavors to eliminate crime and corruption in the community, and to support all levels of public safety for our citizens.

The Broward County Crime Commission has a unique mission and is a source of intelligence and historical data that serves to enhance the work of governmental law enforcement and regulatory bodies, including the traditional law enforcement community.

Law enforcement entities, such as the FBI, County Prosecutors ' Offices, Local Police, State Police and the state Attorney General's Office, conduct criminal investigations designed to result in prosecution. The Broward County Crime Commission, in its role as a Crime Commission, will conduct fact-finding probes, and pass its findings onto the appropriate law enforcement and regulatory body.

The Crime Commission may make its results public even if no criminal prosecution is contemplated. The Broward County Crime Commission is a complementary body and does not interfere with the workings of other agencies.

In its exclusive propriety as a Crime Commission, the Broward County Crime Commission does not encompass prosecutorial functions.   Instead, it introduces information of potential criminality to the designated regulatory body and applicable enforcement authority.