Broward County
Crime Commission

"Evil Triumphs When Good People Stand Idly By"

Past Prosecutors
of the Year:

1997 Mark Springer
1998 Timothy Donnelly
1999 Gregg Rossman
2000 Chuck Morton
2001 (postponed due to 9/11)
2002 Shari Tate
2003 Lee Cohen
2004 Ralph Ray
2005 honored Judge Jimmy Cohn in lieu of an ASA.
2006 Mike Flynn
2007 Scott Raft
2008 Brian Cavanagh
2012 Maria M. Schneider
2013 Neva Rainford - Smith
2014 The Domestic Violence Unit of the Office of the State Attorney

Awards Banquets

Frank R. Pinter Lifetime Achievement Award

2012 Judge Joel Lazarus
2013 Monica Hofheinz
2014  Nancy Tanner, Director, Victim Advocate Unit, Office of the State Attorney
2016 Mr. Alfred J. Ortenzo, retired Assistant Chief of Police, Fort Lauderdale Police Department;
Thomas A. Magill Community Service Award

2012 Brian Walsh, Wings Plus, Inc.

2013   Blanca Aparicio, United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC)

2013   Dr. Barbara Weinstein, President/CEO Family Central, Inc

2014 Ms. Aggie Pappas, Executive Director, Pace Center for Girls Broward

2016 Ms. Frances M. Esposito
Outstanding Career Service Award

2013   Retired Chief Assistant State Attorney Chuck Morton

2014   Retired Chief Assistant State Attorney Ralph Ray

2016 Sergeant/FOP President, Jack Lokeinsky

Carol Andrews School Resource Officer (SRO) Pioneer Award


2014  Major Robert Dinkel, Broward District Schools Police Department
2016  Dective Steven Coulson

Broward County Crime Commission Heroism Award

2014 Detective Mark Shotwell, City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department

Charles Bingham Community Policing  Award


2014 Sergeant Carol Wargin, Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO)

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