Broward County
Crime Commission

"Evil Triumphs When Good People Stand Idly By"



The Broward County Crime Commission is a 39 year old state chartered office, acting judiciously on behalf of law – abiding citizens in maintaining an unwavering vigilance against crime and corruption in the community.  Founded in 1976 as an independent, fact – finding agency, the Crime Commission has distinguished itself as a laureate governing body, which works diligently to improve the Criminal Justice System, as well as strengthen and preserve the key components of Public Safety in Broward County.   


As an advocate to the Law Enforcement Community, and in its pursuit to reduce crime, the Broward County Crime Commission supports the major elements of the Criminal Justice System and works in conjunction with local, state and federal regulatory bodies, and law enforcement agencies, in its fiduciary role as a Crime Commission.


The mission of the Broward County Crime Commission is to sustain and enhance the coordination, cohesiveness, resources, effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of the Criminal Justice System, so that citizens can live, work and raise families without the fear of crime.  


The Crime Commission executes its operations through a cadre of meritorious program’s involving perspective, research, education, technology, analytics, investigation, advocacy, and facilitation of findings to both the Criminal Justice System and the Broward County community.  


The Crime Commission’s programs address current issues at hand, as well as ongoing concerns of society, in order to protect the laws and public welfare of the populace.  They include but are not limited to:

    1.    Hurricane Contractor and Vendor Fraud

    2.    Identity Theft Awareness and Prevention

    3.    Child Predator Awareness

    4.    Counter Terrorism Awareness

    5.    Public Security

    6.    Police Personnel Recruitment

    7.    Criminal Justice Inter-Agency Think Tank Meetings

    8.    The Broward County Crime Commission’s Best Practices Program
    9.    Law Enforcement Economics and Finance

    10.    Criminal Justice Training and Continuing Education

    11.    Criminal Justice Academic Education

    12.    Criminal Justice Family Support Groups

    13.    Anti-Gang Initiatives

    14.    Child and Juvenile Advocacy Programs

    15.    Anti-Narcotic Programs:  Drug Abuse and Illicit Narcotics Trafficking
    16.    The Broward County Crime Commission Public Safety Technology Incubator

    17.    Scientific Research in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement


To carry out the mission of the agency’s programs, the Crime Commission functions as a strategic planning body involved in formulating criminal justice protocols.  In so doing, the Crime Commission fosters community involvement with criminal justice representatives, corporations, businesses, colleges and universities, citizen organizations, government officials, law makers, public safety entities, and schools through the following initiatives:

    1.    White Paper Research Studies

    2.    Impact Estimates of Crime-Related Legislation

    3.    Editorial Writings

    4.    Expert Panel Discussions

    5.    Prominent Speaker Workshops and Seminars

    6.    Forums, Summits, and Conferences

    7.    Agency Exchange of Information Meetings
    8.    Lobbying Efforts

    9.    Media Commentaries

    10.    Investigative Inquiries

    11.    Public and Private Hearings

Organizational Structure:

The Broward County Crime Commission is organized as a Florida 501 C-4, non-profit corporation.  It constitutes some of the brightest minds and most accomplished people in the state of Florida, to objectively analyze the Criminal Justice System in its entirety, to examine its interlocking parts, to learn what works and what does not, and to make recommendations for reform.  

As a non-partisan entity, both its Executive Committee and Advisory board are chosen from a select group of individuals, representing diverse backgrounds, possessing high – principled, noble values, encompassing requisite core competencies that embody the principles of the Criminal Justice System and a strict criterion of commitment to Public Safety.  This body is comprised of:  1) leading criminal justice officials; 2) active and retired law enforcement personnel; 3) seasoned corporate executives; and 4) prominent industry professionals of society, truly defining the cognitive role of what a Crime Commission exemplifies.

Organizational Chart

Corporate Governance:

The Broward County Crime Commission endorses ethical and moral considerations under the law, and demands similar commitments from its representatives and constituents.  However, the Crime Commission does not sit in judgment of community morals, act as a vigilante group, or posses any supplementary sovereignties or entitlements.   

First and foremost, compliance and Professional Standards of the Crime Commission are preserved to the highest degree.    Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics within its corporate charter are strictly adhered and followed.  Corporate Governance is maintained through regulatory and industry mechanisms, along with the roles and relationships between senior administration, agency management, its board of directors, its employees, its members, its associates, its affiliates and the goals for which the agency is governed.

Statesman Voice of Reform:

Most importantly ……. for the past 36 years, the Broward County Crime Commission has evolved into a statesman like voice of reform, a proponent of positive change, and a resource in which the Criminal Justice System, the Law Enforcement Community, and the community at large can call upon.